Pet Sessions

Is your love for your four-legged friend just as much your family? Do you want to showcase their fun active personalities on the wall?

Pet sessions are REALLY fun. The type of photos that will come out of this session is 100% up to the subject(s) that I am working with. If they are in a playful mood then there will be some fun active photos. If they are not feeling it that day we will get some relaxing shots. Again, it's completely up to them.

Tips for a GREAT session

The secret to great shots with these fun-loving animals is that I will have to be on their level and make sure that they trust me.

Please do not think that this session is only for the dogs, I will be glad to spend time with your cat, birds, lizards, turtles, or whatever your heart loves to come home to.

Tips for a great pet photo session.

  • Bring treats for your animal.
  • Ensure they are ready to cooperate to the best of our human ability. You know your dog and its breed. If it needs an exercise beforehand to focus, then let's do it. If the session will stimulate them enough then let them relax beforehand.
  • A photoshoot should occur at a location the animal is familiar with and/or comfortable with.
  • Again, you know your dog. When thinking of a location; if the dog does not do well off a leash and is a runner, your back yard is just as good as any. If your dog does not do well around others, we will not recommend a dog park. Safety is the 1st objective.
  • Bring their favorite toy!