Wanting the before and after, self-confidence booster, or in love with what you have? Feeling Empowered? Capture your body the way you have always dreamed about!

These sessions can be as intimate as you would like. It is COMPLETELY centered around YOU. Females and couples sessions are available. Our goal is to make you feel as completely comfortable as you can.

For two hours you pick the place, time, poses, and what you want to be captured. We just work the camera and are there for advice. We want you to be 100% in love with the photos that we encourage you to let us know how much editing you would like.

What to Bring?

Honestly, you should bring whatever brings out your personality, curves, and lines. I recommend you bring up to THREE outfits that make you feel good and are comfortable in, a pair of heels, and any jewelry or props that you would like to showcase! We can supply handcuffs, spreader bars, masks, body chains, and more.

Outfits that I recommend: Teddy, Bikini, Full bra and Pantie set, Oversized sweater, Partners oversize shirt, or whatever your imagination comes up with.

What should I do before I come


You chose the way to relax, take some time the day of and listen to your favorite music, bring a playlist with you if you would like. Have a

a cocktail before. Do what you need to do as long as you are being safe, do not drink, and drive to or from your session.


We will not be working out but a good stretch beforehand will help loosen up the muscles and help with poses. I recommend you start stretching the day before. Do not go crazy on the stretching and be sore beforehand. I like to capture a lot of back arching poses, your back can be sore the next day only because you may not be used to the poses.


I highly recommend that if you would like to showcase your body and skin then let's get rid of the hair that you do not want to showcase. do not wait till the day of to shave or be waxed. Shaving should happen a day before, waxing should be accomplished at least 2 days before.


Not only your body but really everything. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water a couple of hours before the shoot. This will help your skin and your body. Take a shower the morning of the session. Moisturize your body, Focusing on your face, hair, arms, and legs.

Wear loose-fitting clothes to the shoot

This will help keep lines from tight-fitting clothes from appearing on your body and in the photos.


If you have the option to wear contacts I HIGHLY recommend you do. This will avoid getting any glare in the glasses and taking away attention from your eyes. If you would like to use them for the session, I can make it work.


Come ready or coordinate beforehand if you need time to get ready. Again, this is 100% about you. Use as much as you would like to feel comfortable or we can go for the 100% natural look. If you do not have a clue on how to do your make-up or hair let me know in advance we can book that into the session cost.